the problem with apu review

the problem with apu review

They cannot give you a two hour lecture on the weekly lesson.

APU was extremely easy to access, the professors were overall great to work with and I will be completing my Bachelor's Degree this year.
The education will definately help in my career aspirations and serve to enhance my skills for future opportunities.The college is an excellent value with at $300. My math was great and continues to be fantastic and the actual school seems to be really good but be very careful what classes you take and which instructor you choose. They provide many resources that will help students to learn the material but yes you do have to have some discipline to make this work, you don't get points just for showing up.

All of this I've learned in the courses I've taken at AMU.

Because the course work is so challenging and the professor's are shoo easily accessible I plan to continue attending till I achieve my desired degree which in the end will be Space Studies when I change majors from English next year.

The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media & Info, a division of MRC. Yes, this university has no applications or tests, but if you wish to progress in the field of history you will have to be prepared with a good background in writing in the Chicago/Turabian style for formatting your papers. EVEN if your school is all paid for,they think you should wait for weeks on end while THEY fix THEIR problem. I felt like the books we used were excellent resources and have continued to read them even though I have completed my studies. All in all, it has been an eye-opening experience, and I am really proud of myself!!!! With APU you can expect mediocrity and indifference. It depends upon when you begin your course undertaking. The tuition is cheap compared to other schools and within the local, state, and federal government arena AMU appears credible and respected for hire and promotions. I recommend you to take International Law as your electives, it's a interesting class to take, i loved that class. Any problems that I had with the school were because I was not taking the time to properly complete any forms and do my due diligence.

But if you think you are going to break into the intelligence/DoD community by going to APU, then you are sadly mistaken.

It has been everything that I hoped for. I am two-thirds through my program, and have enjoyed every moment of it.I have attended both traditional and online schools for close to 20 years. It was a fine program overall, however, I would not recommend it to someone who was seeking to enter a new field as I do not feel that the content and work is rigorous enough to truly prepare someone wanting to enter a new field competitively. Moreover, a student must remember (especially an online learner), that it is not the professor’s responsibility to take your education to another level, the responsibility lies within. I don't know another way to describe it, other than I could actually "feel it" in my bones.

I never experienced that personally, and it seemed pretty straight forward.

Life, family, work are enough stresses without adding your school to the mix of stressors. The higher level IA classes are a joke - the text books we were assigned for one class was written 7 years ago and reads like a particularly stupid monkey wrote it - it is the worst book of it's kind according to multiple book review sites.

I will tell people not to just walk away, BUT run away. Overall I both hated and loved this college.

Next semester I am going to switch to a physical college where I can actually interact with the professors and students in person.

Lectures are super easy to access.

For any professor to teach at a recognized university there is a procedure called “credentialization” that must be undertaken. It is somewhat cumbersome to navigate through certain segments of its online "Campus" interface. I am an older student and I recommend older folks that are thinking about going back to school, to look at APU/AMU. Student concerns that we had basically self-taught ourselves for at least half a semester went unacknowledged by the administration; we were offered no refund or other recourse.

If you are someone who cannot stay on task without guidance then online schooling is not for you. Apparently, "violations of Title IV" allow the university to take the student aid money (for the interest I'm sure) while they make the decision to allow you to stay in the university. We all know the online schools I am referring to, when after you request info, you receive a phone call from a recruiter within five minutes (no joking) pressuring you to enroll the following week. The instructors shared ideas (when I have asked) about my job and given me direction (not related to the class I was taking at the time) that have been so much help to me at work. I have been attending AMU for almost three years and I am about to complete my degree in 2 months. The books I had to buy were almost all very good; in fact, I kept most of them. Not for everyone.I am very pleased that I chose this school. The financial aid process is completely automated and rather easily completed, provided that you have taken the time to complete all the necessary forms on time and when requested. The courses offer online labs now, which I have found to be better than expected.

Most papers are graded and returned to you well within the timeframe they are allowed. My professors have sent me personal emails on information I needed and gave me my books for free!

You will find this a lot in colleges. This school does not attempt to sell you an education like the other online schools do. The majority of the professors were fantastic!

However, for those who work full time and/or are seeking a cost effective way to get a degree that's accredited, check out APU.

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