terry smith artist

terry smith artist

Since 1988 I have been cutting, scratching and slicing into sheets of paper, in a series I still continue today called Page-Specific.I have always made things, my first works were sculpture, abstract ready made when I was fifteen. Art is different, we don’t strive to be proved right, if anything we want to be proved wrong.I have been trying, with help, to organise my archive, but its been a sporadic endeavour at best. I was intrigued and delighted, I thought sculpture was statues. Then the lights dimmed and i watched, spellbound by the actions and the music and the sentiment. So photography has been one of the media that I use constantly. Menu Home; Meet the Artist; Gallery; Upcoming Events and Classes; Supply Lists; Contact; More. Occasionally I cut the paper to a specific size., but usually I accept the given size of 128 cm 90 cm.

As soon as they all sat down, i made a signal, the lights went out, we read an anti-war poem, followed by machine gun noise and then we straight into a song from HAIR blasting out into the darkness. I made the picture above for an exhibition at Deptford X. I look at the younger me, who had then no idea what was ahead of him. He is a member of the Mascaro Art Group and is represented by the Art on Broad gallery in Augusta, Georgia. It felt completely liberating.

The large negatives of the 120 film were perfect for contact prints. It had a wind up mechanism three different lens and a soft leather case. There was another event that changed my life, which involved having an entire year without any formal education, but I will come to that later.I only had one year left at school, I did very little and was bored out of my mind everyday. But because recycling and making work out of what ever I find is built in to my DNA -my own work and history are also part of this raw material.So this moment of international pause during COVID-19 has allowed me some time to consider these things I have always been interested in drawing and text and i am obsessed with measurement and repetition and breaking things up and in the way they sometimes stay broken. A working class kid could identify with these industrial materials. I feel one of the common treads of my work is this acceptance that the site, whether it be a building or a piece of paper comes with an existing set of circumstances. They may select one for a particular room or wall and then follow it with something for their office or vacation home. We were taken by an enlightened teacher to see HAIR at a theatre in the West End. Terry Smith studied at Goldsmiths School of Art and Birmingham Polytechnic. I like the idea of a given - something I take for granted. He has resolved to be “the best retiree he can be” and has made art the primary focus of his life in retirement. I was very interested at school in only two subjects photography and drama. The headmaster must have been beside himself and eventually the teaching staff turned on all the lights, to stop the event, I turned them off again. He is a member of Oil Painters of America. He also enjoys reading and playing Contract Bridge. The thing about true liberation is when you are liberated from a situation where you had no idea, that you actually being held captive. He also exhibits work in the Countersync showroom, in Augusta. Looking down, I was scared. I have since I can or care to remember been interested in making work out of what ever is available, what ever is to hand. He has painted for many years, almost exclusively in oils, and he has worked under the guidance and mentorship of Dick Dunlap, David Mascaro, and other prominent artists in the Central Savannah River Area. So school trips were escapes and I had two that were pivotal , one was seeing HAIR the other seeing Edward Kienholz at the ICA in 1971 (more on that later).

It was a SLR, single lens reflex. It was a huge success and I have been working my way down ever since.But I fell in love with the theatre, live events and happenings and it took me just over 40 years to pick up where I left off. I got some friends to help and did not tell our teacher what I would do.

Art is not like that, most things are not like that. Reflecting the Beauty of God's Wild Creatures in Art Home | About the Artist | Itinerary | Murals | Originals | Prints | Workshops Last updated: Monday, June 12, 2017 Schooling is about teaching people how to learn, as simple and complicated as that. Everyone arrived for assembly. There are many questions people ask about art, most of them are useless, if your looking for an answer that you can remember, forget it. Although the building had changed to a new built modern version, we still had basically no power. He had a one-man show in 2011 at the Kroc Center in Augusta, and he has exhibited individual works in the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, the Morris Museum of Art, the Aiken Artists Guild Members’ Show, and other venues. I do return again and again to certain processes and methods and materials. So in all my work, from text to drawing and performance and sculpture and video there is something broken and disruptive and something that is deconstructed and remade. Because I have never really been sure about that. Often its not answers at all that we really want, its usually reassurance. Artist's Statement.

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