Riku and Aqua

Riku and Aqua

Aqua, alongside Terra, was one of Eraqus's pupils. Mickey concludes Terra-Xehanort is the thirteenth member of the Real Organization.

Aqua decided to look after Ven, in case he woke up.

A magic-based fighter with agility to boot, she's capable of doing cartwheels while attacking with Aqua is second only to Master Xehanort in terms of magic amongst Keyblade Users, displaying superior skill to both Terra and Ven as well as later Keyblade users such as Sora and Riku. One night, Ven, Terra, and Aqua watch a meteor shower together. Later, Riku and Mickey re-enter the Realm of Darkness to find Aqua, but after following her trail to the End of Sea, they find that Aqua is missing and are instead attacked by the Rather than taking time to recover, Aqua has Sora, Donald, and Goofy accompany her to Castle Oblivion, wanting to return to Ventus's side.

Aqua later encounters an unconscious Mickey drifting in space and takes him to the Mysterious Tower, where she hears of Eraqus's death from Yen Sid and heads to the Keyblade Graveyard to meet up with Terra and Ven. Fighting his way to his friends, Sora finds Aqua and Ventus fighting against Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas. She is then seen with everyone else on the Destiny Islands, playing with Terra, Ventus, Lea and Isa.

One of three Keyblade wielders who played a pivotal role in a historic clash more than a dozen years ago.

Sora first sees Kairi and Riku who turn into Aqua and Terra. Post 3D. While in link with Aqua, the player can utilize powerful magic attacks. Eraqus told Aqua and Terra that the reason Ven fainted was that he had lost his memories.

When they arrive, they are approached by Master Xehanort and his others, who set the Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed on all of them.

Her Wayfinder stops glowing.

Aqua is quick to attack Vanitas, but when Sora offers to help her take Vanitas down, Aqua isolates herself with a barrier in order to prove herself to Sora. Terra-Xehanort then proceeds to attack the group, knocking out Ventus and Lea. She wears a silver badge similar to badges also worn by Ven and Terra, though Terra's is gold. Upon finding him, Aqua tries to awaken Ventus like she promised, but is unable to. After Mickey explains his mission to save the Realm of Light from the Heartless, the two locate the Mickey mentions Aqua when he suggests that he help Sora and Riku inside the Sleeping Worlds by following his heart's path, as Aqua told him long ago. Nevertheless, once Sora restores her heart to the light, Aqua returns to her noble, loving, and forgiving self. Her known Aqua becomes a D-Link for Terra and Ventus after they received the Wayfinder Aqua made for the three of them. Aqua and Terra tried to converse with Ven and asked him about why he wanted to train to become a Keyblade master. Terra-Xehanort tells them that they will lose this fight, that all their hearts will be torn apart one by one.

By touching the piece of armor hanging on her arm, Aqua will become full clad in her Aqua, alongside Terra, is one of Eraqus's pupils. Riku also thanks Aqua for saving him when he was in the Realm of Darkness the first time, expressing regret for being too inexperienced to help her back then.

Then, she began to think and wonder to herself that time cease to exist in the Realm of Darkness as she sees a pile of floating gears of clocks standing in front of her. Aqua is quick to get to Ventus' side, just as a large wave of Heartless appear and create a giant wave of Darkness.

Despite her flaws, when the situation demands it, Aqua's overall skill, determination, intelligence and kindness make her the most reliable and competent out of Eraqus's apprentices.

She has blue eyes and medium-length blue hair, mostly parted to her left. Yen Sid then assigns Riku and Mickey the mission to rescue Aqua. She then walk towards it then summons her As Anti-Aqua, she believes that she had been forgotten about by Mickey and decides to take her grief and despair out on him with the aid of a Aqua proceeds to show Sora, Donald and Goofy the way back to Castle Oblivion, where she proceeds to turn it back into The Land of Departure so that they can find Ventus.

The following day, Aqua joins the rest of the heroes as they go to the Keyblade Graveyard.

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